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BESIDE MYSELF: Recovery From My Family Betrayal and Estrangement – A Memoir

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  1. Congrats, Pam! Best of luck with book sales…hope you become a best seller! I love the photos on your website.

    Sell, sell, sell!

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  3. Reading this heartrending memoir is a little bit like riding a roller-coaster, in the front seat! The
    author fills every page with adventure, humor and family issues that reveal what she has experienced. You will want to take time to seek out the three major sections. One seems to be an overview of what her story is all about. Second, the whole section on traveling in Europe and the Middle East could make it’s own travel tale as ‘a what to do, what not to do’. I loved this, I also have many questions about this part, and would like to see more of the ‘back-story’.
    And, the third section (my own take) about Steve, the author’s twin brother, made me so glad that I was reading it alone…I cried and cried. I had to put the book away for a day before I could finish it.
    I am thankful that this author found the courage to write her life story. I am also so grateful that
    she has found groups to help her get through some rough days and see a better future.

    • Thank you for supporting me and reading my memoir.
      I hope that it will be helpful, enlightening and encouraging to my readers.
      Thank you for your support and kind words.

  4. Cindi Warszynski

    I carried your book with me everywhere and read it every chance I could. I finished it feeling very happy for you because you are someone who is able to control you own life and not allow other people to control you. I was at your book signing at Copperfield Books and I am glad that we were able to share a few moments in conversation. A friend of mine once told me that God has a special eye on people who climb out to the furthest branches of the tree (of life) and keeps them safe. He was talking about me, but I think you are one of these people also. Thank you for writing this book and I hope that you write many more. You truly have a way of writing that allows the reader to experience a connection to your story and share with you the victory of your journey.

    • Thank you so much, Cindi for your honest comments. They are so appreciative and your carried so much for me.
      I’m so grateful that we were able to have a chat at Copperfield’s. Stay strong always.

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